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Giewont is a peak in the Western Tatras with a height of 1,894 meters. The Giewont massif consists of three parts - Great Giewont (1,894 meters above sea level), Little Giewont (1,728 meters above sea level) and Long Giewont (1,876 meters above sea level). The total length of all three parts is 2.7 kilometers.Giewont is an iconic mountain whose outline is associated with the silhouette of a sleeping knight. One version of the legend of the knights sleeping under the Tatra Mountains, who will wake up when Poland is in great danger, places them right under Giewont. It is associated with the numerous caves in the walls of Giewont, including the Zawaliskowa Cave in Długi Giewont, the Well in Giewont, the Juhaska Cave, Śpiących Rycerzy Cave, Śpiących Rycerzy Wyżnia Cave, the Kozia Grotto, Dziura in Szczerba, Ruda Nyża, the Hole over the Strążyska Valley.