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Path under the Regle

Droga pod Reglami is an interesting trail that runs east-west and connects the outlets of several valleys from Kuźnice to Siwa Polana in Chocholowska Valley.

It is an interesting proposition for hikers and cyclists. Those who would like to take a stroll here with a stroller need to consider whether the vehicle's wheels are off-road capable. While the path is wide and comfortable, it is also uneven and bumpy. The city stroller will have to be abandoned and replaced with a carrier, for example. The advantage of this trail is its accessibility at any time of the year and the beautiful views of the southern slopes of the Spisko-Gubałówka Range, with Gubałówka easily identifiable.

The hike can be started at the Tatra Guides' Alley leading to Kuźnice, entering the black trail just behind Księżówka, if approaching from the John Paul II Roundabout. For some time we will meander between the facilities of Zakopane's Central Sports Center (stadiums and hills), only to find ourselves by the forest again in the area of Wielka Krokiew. To do this, you need to go down the trail to ul. Bronislawa Czecha and head west along the numerous souvenir stalls. On the left you will pass the ski jumping complex. Cross the road and wander along the "corridor" between the fences. After a while we turn sharply to the left and along the path leading along the chairlift to the Wielka Krokiew we reach the edge of the forest. The trail at this point runs flat and even descends slightly. After a few minutes of walking we come to the outlet of the Białego Valley. Located here are: a buffet, a souvenir stand and restrooms. Our path turns to the right. Now we face a steep climb. Here you need to be especially careful in the rain, because it is easy to slip.

On the left we are accompanied by the forest, on the right the views of Gubalowka open up. Soon we pass a commemorative plaque, informing us that the trail we are hiking on is the former Żelazna Droga connecting the Koscieliska Valley with the resort in Kuznice. After a while we pass the mouth of the Spadowiec Valley. After approx. 15 min from the outlet of the Białego Valley we reach the area of the Ku Dziurze Valley. On the right, there is a shack where sheep's milk is processed. We can sample local specialties and, if we're lucky, watch sheep grazing in a nearby clearing. Behind the hut, opposite the entrance to the valley, stands the cabin of the famous robber Mateja. It is a private facility. It's worth mentioning here that we don't need to buy a TPN entrance ticket to visit the Ku Dziurze Valley. At this point, entry is free. Our trail continues in a western direction. After 15 minutes we reach the exit of the Strążyska Valley. Those who do not want to continue the hike can easily reach the center of Zakopane from here.

However, the black trail goes on, initially quite steep. On this section we are accompanied by the mature Tatra beech trees. The hike to the exit of another of the valleys - Za Bramką - takes about 25 min. from here. Admission to this picturesque valley is free. We have several minutes of walking ahead of us, passing a barrier and heading down a rather steep path. This brings us to the outlet of the Mała Łąka Valley. However, if you want to continue along Droga pod Reglami (black signs), do not turn towards the valley (left), but head to the right. We pass a wooden house and past a ticket booth we come out to a parking lot. From there, keeping to the left, we walk towards the road connecting Zakopane and Koscielisko. Just before it, we turn left and re-enter the trail. From there, in 30 min we reach the exit of Staników Żleb, which we could use to reach Przysłop Miętusi. Droga pod Reglami, however, goes straight ahead so that after approx. 15 min you find yourself at the exit of the famous Koscieliska Valley.

Droga pod Reglami is a trail that is not difficult. Its course is also not complicated. The road is pleasant, largely running along the edge of the forest and clearings, so it's great for walking on hot days.